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Porsche’s First Electric Car ‘Taycan’ Launched in Germany

Porsche Taycan Launch Event in Germany

Porsche’s first electric car, ‘Taycan’, has finally hit the roads in Germany, following its widespread marketing in the last four years. The anxiety behind the launch of this high-profile car comes to rest as The Taycan is officially on sale for a starting price of $150,900.

 Taycan will be Porsche’s first electric sports car with one of the fastest engines on earth. It heralds the dawn of a new era of electric vehicles in the company’s exuberant history of fame.  

The Taycan is modelled for luxury and comfort beyond the likes of Audi E-Tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC and other Tesla-based cars. On the downside, it is neither as quick as those fastest cars from Tesla nor having their range or mileage.

Porsche’s Taycan excels at delivering the best comfort and luxury amenities in the industry at the expense of speed and mileage. So, it is a matter of taste as what fits your budget and style of driving experience.

Porsche’s First Electric Car ‘Taycan’ Launched in Germany 1
Porsche Taycan – Electric Sports Car

The company has emphasised the importance of consistency and durability of the car, instead of focusing on raw performance.  As The Verge reports, Taycan’s  selling point is its ability to repeatedly deliver the expected performance without causing battery overheating issues or hindering the power output.

As the new technology is widely accepted by the masses over time, the Taycan could become more affordable after passing through the initial phases of limited production. Taycan could be mass-produced and made available at cheaper prices when more people begin to accept it as the best electric car in the luxury segment.

Prospective electric car buyers could choose between full electric and hybrid cars while the purists could opt for the greener technology along with great looks like the Taycan. Tesla has been a great inspiration for the new breed of electric cars that come with elegant curves and fine accents, besides the rare vegan interiors.

The window screens flaunt a bright-blue yet transparent tint and show off the interiors in style. The unappealing plastic accessories are strangely missing from the windshield contours, which makes it look chic and clean.

Folks at The Verge have reported that the car’s infotainment system runs on a snappy operating system with highly-responsive menu interface that has zero lags between taps. The console on the dashboard holds a bunch of useful temperature controls for climate change, battery info and more.

Car enthusiasts can check out the World Premiere video of Porsche Taycan to enjoy the breathtaking visuals of this trendsetting electric car in town:

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