Japan’s Annual Trade Fair CEATEC 2019 Invites eight Indian Startups

Japan's Annual Trade Fair CEATEC 2019 Invites eight Indian Startups 1

JETRO Global Connection, an event organised for business matching between international startups and Japanese companies, has invited eight Indian startups along with a total of 37 companies selected from 15 countries. 

The event is organised by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) as part of the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) 2019. JETRO selected about 180 promising startups from around the world for the programme and later selected 37 of them from 15 countries. The startups selected are mainly in the fields of mobility, health tech and smart homes. 

Commenting on the development, a Nasscom official said there is a growing bonhomie between India and Japan in the startup sphere. “We can see Japanese companies are realising the need for aligning with Indian startup for their global ambition and expanding their technological skill sets. Also, the Human Resources behind Indian startups are really helping Japan to scale up their expansion plans,” said the official.

CEATEC is Japan’s largest CPS/IoT-related trade fair and this year it is taking place from 15-18 October, 2019 at Makuhari Messe. The event which started its journey since 2000 is currently running its 20th edition.

KiteMaps AMS Co-Founder and Co-CEO Anshul Shaema said the company is excited to be part of this group and looking at exploring more opportunities in Japan. “We are looking at strategic partners, business opportunities and investors as part of the event. We are confident that the product maturity and scope of the company would have prompted us to get selected from India. We want to bring a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery using our robotic and logistics technologies,” he said. 

Other than India, the startups selected are from Israel, the UK, Estonia, Canada, Colombia, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Finland, France, the US, Portugal, Luxembourg and Taiwan. By field, 16 companies are involved in mobility, 13 in health tech and eight companies in smart homes. In addition to high-tech companies such as the ride-sharing solutions provider Via (US), powered exoskeleton developers FREE Bionics (Taiwan) and ExoAtlet (Luxembourg) and smart-home device provider Swidget (Canada), there will be a concentration of unique startups from Portugal, Colombia and other countries known for producing distinctive enterprises.

Talking to NFAPost Jetro official from Bengaluru said the event also provides an opportunity for Japanese companies to use the marketing service EventHub to apply for meet-ups directly to the overseas startups they are interested in. “JETRO established an Innovation Promotion Division in April this year with the aim of strengthening business matching between Japanese companies working on open innovation and overseas companies such as startups. We will continue to actively develop these projects in the future,” he said. 


AlphaICs’ invention of RAPTM (Real AI Processor) is creating Big Bang of Real AI by combining perception and decision making. AlphaICs is capitalising on this opportunity to deliver the next generation of AI compute. The company’s agent based ‘Real AI Processor” (in short RAPTM) delivers much higher compute performance and significant energy efficiency. RAPTM greatly accelerates AI workloads at data centres and provides perception and decision-making ability to the edge in applications ranging from autonomous cars, drones, robots to Dialog Systems where latencies are crucial. Co-founders of the company include Nagendra Nagaraja, Vinod Dham, Pradeep Vajram and Prashant Trivedi.


The company with its advanced technologies has made fleet management easier than never before. Intellicar’s team of automotive engineers, cartography experts and data scientists have developed the best solutions to track your vehicles and drivers to ensure safety at all times. The company founders include Karan Makhija and Kaushik Raju. Besides Nasscom’s top 10 start-ups award as part of its Emerge 50 2018 the company also got selected by Karnataka government startup programme Elevate Karnataka 2017.

Kitemaps AMS Pvt Ltd,

The company has come up with solution for last mile logistics enabled by drones. It helps displaced populations living in hard to reach geographies access basic healthcare. Redwing Aerospace’s solution has been successful to overcome these limitations by using an aerial route of delivery has enabled the company to provide these access. Redwing’s mission is to ensure that no one dies because they live too far. The company has build a network of delivery drones to address problems faced in the last-mile and it is capable of Hybrid VTOL flight – taking off and landing like a helicopter and then flying like a plane. With a full implementation service that is a culmination of hardware and the software. Founders of the company are Anshul Sharma, Arunabha Bhattacharya and Rishabh Gupta

SenseGiz Technologies

Its solutions help reduce storage losses, track assets and people in real time, increase people safety and security by using end-to-end IoT Enterprise Internet of Thing. By using COIN sensor nodes, early machine failure can be predicted and it can be used for timely action and preventing major failure down the line. It helps in reducing food and goods losses to a larger extent, enhance productivity of employees, cut shot wait time due to search of assets and prevent illegal intrusion. The COIN sensors very mall and compact in design and has multiple sensors to measure temperature and humidity. It also has accelerometer and gyroscope. Using COIN, the user can monitor key metrics, analyse past trends, generate reports and analyse data to get actionable insights of the operations. The company’s machine learning algorithms can also predict failure of your assets. The company’s solutions include real time location system for asset tracking, safety solutions and people tracking, condition monitoring for enterprise, security solutions for perimeter/fencing and warehouse solutions. The founder of the company is Abhishek Latthe

Jetsons Robotics

The company provides robots which can clean solar panels installed in solar farms, company plants, stadium and big construction sites. It provides autonomous, water free portable and remotely controlled robots which can execute these cleaning requirement. “We can clear 1MW plant with a single robot. Here we do not require water and return on investment (ROI) in less than 15 months. The infrastructure required for this robots installation is minimal,” said one of the company founder. Founder and CEO of the company is Jatin Sharma


Enables interaction on modern and traditional devices using data-over-sound technology. With a highly robust channel of communication, the technology is designed to be highly inter-operable, secure & friction less. Enabling payments & engagement for businesses irrespective of infrastructure and scale of operations. The company founders include Kumar Abhishek and Vivek K. Singh

Ushva Clean Technology

Ushva is founded with the vision to offer renewable, affordable, and clean energy devices to all and founded by a team of IIT Bombay graduates from various disciplines. We identify and share common aspirations and goals which benefit the company, its employees and the society as a whole. Dream Energy Neutral is the company’s effort towards neutralising energy needs of any infrastructure with minimum resource (single hardware) at minimum cost. The company’s founders include Ashutosh Kumar and Visat Patel.

Veda Labs

With deep neural network, the company’s platform detects a person and through advanced deep learning driven tracking, presents an accurate footfall count for any retail store. Data points like these can help every retailer have unique advantage over the competitors, keeping in mind that they are enabled with data in real time that allows them to have business metrics like sales conversions per customer walk-in, marketing ROI on store walk-in, Store Heat Maps etc. Also, the platform, through facial detection algorithms, identifies every face in the premises and presents the exact age group and gender of each walking in customer. Thus allowing a retailer to plan custom offers and move more inventory based on the gender demographics. The company’s deep learning driven platform API for general object detection allows one to have a generic API that anyone can use to identify 100’s of objects in real time with just a single API call to VedaLabs server. The platform also supports identifying custom objects that have business importance. The founders of the company are Ashutosh Mishra and Vivek Singh.

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