HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts

HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts 1

In light of COVID-19 and the 21-day lockdown, the company launches a slew of initiatives to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle at home and improve their immunity.

  • Introduces ‘Immunity tab’ in the app to help users keep track of and improve their immunity.

  • Anyone with low immunity gets free diet & fitness consultations by a coach.

  • Launches a hand wash/sanitize tracker along with other immunity building tools.

  • Launches [email protected] which can be accessed free of cost by anyone.

  • Verified immunity specific content and advice to users via AI Coach RIA – accessible to all.

Bangalore, March 26, 2020: In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, HealthifyMe India’s leading AI-led health and fitness app has launched a slew of initiatives to help people improve their immunity and adopt a healthy lifestyle during the 21-day lockdown.

The company has launched Immunity Assessment Tests which can be taken by anyone free of cost. Those who score low on the test will also receive a free consultation by a trained coach.

HealthifyMe has also launched home workouts on its app and daily live workouts with coaches, along with trackers for sleep, smoking and handwashing, factors that are the bedrocks of long-term immunity. These offerings are available for all users under the “Immunity Tab” in the HealthifyMe App. Mentioned below are the details of each:

Free Immunity Assessment Test

In a bid to help users assess their immunity, HealthifyMe has launched an Immunity Assessment Test on its app. The test has been developed by a panel of experts consisting of leading doctors, nutritionists and trainers.

This quick assessment will categorize users’ immunity levels as good, average, or low based on their lifestyle such diet, fitness, and sleep habits and give specific suggestions on how to keep their immunity high. The first 10,000 people who are identified with low immunity will also get a free consultation call from a trained coach on making lifestyle changes to improve their immunity.

Along with immunity evaluation, people who take the test will also get specific inputs about ways in which they can enhance their immunity. Through this initiative, HealthifyMe aims to create awareness amongst people about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts 2

Handwashing Tracker and other immunity building tools

Built keeping Covid-19 in mind, the hand wash/sanitize tracker will remind everyone to wash their hands every hour. The company has also launched a sleep tracker that will offer users insights about their sleeping patterns.

In the next 3 days, HealthifyMe is also set to launch a Smoking tracker, since smoking is a factor in lowering immunity. The smoking tracker will have a timer that will show how long has one been smoke-free, offering users a sense of achievement. All these will be available for free.

          HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts 3

HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts 4

[email protected]

Due to the 21-day lockdown in India, people are strongly encouraged to stay at home and are therefore finding it hard to get any exercise. In view of this, HealthifyMe is hosting daily live fitness sessions by premium coaches (3-4 live sessions including workout, yoga, and fitness) within the HealthifyMe app. These are available to all users for free and can be joined by users of all levels.

All users (free and premium) will now also have access to a large set of AI-generated premium home workout videos for the duration of the lockdown. These workouts can be performed anytime with no or minimal equipment at home.

HealthifyMe Offers Free ‘Immunity Assessment Tests’, Diet Consultations And Home Workouts 5

Relevant content and advice

HealthifyMe has trained its AI-coach Ria to answer complex questions based on immunity and viral infections. Ria will be accessible to all HealthifyMe’s free users.

The Immunity tab also contains a feed with all posts relevant to Immunity, Workouts at home and AMA sessions with doctors and mental wellness counsellors. All information is written and verified by certified doctors and trained nutritionists to ensure the information is accurate and useful.

Commenting on the new initiaitve, HealthifyMe CEO Tushar Vashisht said it takes 21 days to build a habit and  HealthifyMe wants people to use the lockdown to build healthier habits and improve their immunity .

“We have launched the biggest ever upgrade to our app with several new features centered around eating balanced diets, exercising at home, sanitizing hands and sleeping better. We are also giving away free nutritionists and exercise consultations to anyone who needs the help and together I am confident we shall overcome this virus and this crisis,” said HealthifyMe CEO Tushar Vashisht.

HealthifyMe is a mobile health and fitness app that combines the power of technology with real human services to deliver measurable impact. Co-founded in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy, and incubated by Microsoft Accelerator, the startup is India’s largest digital wellness platform catering to more than 16 million users in 300+ cities with over 500 coaches.

Its app is rated 4.6/5 and has been featured by Google and Apple multiple times for its quality benchmarks. The company delivers results on eating habits, fitness, and weight through tracking lifestyle, providing access to human coaches and AI nutritionist “Ria”. HealthifyMe is also a platform of choice for leading corporates and healthcare partners in India. The company has over 700 employees, with a physical presence in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. To know more, please visit:

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