Startups Join Hands To Help Customers As Covid-19 Outbreak Reports Across India

Startups Join Hands To Help Customers As Covid-19 Outbreak Reports Across India 1

Chennai, NFA Post: With an increase in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in India, and with all malls, theatres and schools shut down across the country, various brands are now coming together at this time of crisis to help consumers deal with the situation.

From providing them with regular updates to ensuring they get their groceries delivered at home, each of these startups has stepped into make lives a little easier for their customers.

Medtalks Founder Nilesh Aggarwal said the coronavirus pandemic has emerged as global crisis and it is important for everyone to be well-informed without falling prey to myths.

Medtalks has launched a course explaining the disease with over 20 videos and articles on the subject in both English and Hindi. It also have a course for all healthcare providers and are undertaking live webinars and Facebook live sessions to answer queries.

Even as people panic, the government is making the use of hand sanitisers and masks mandatory. Considering how these items are flying off the shelves,  leading hygiene and wellness brand Pee Safe is ensuring they get delivered at people’s doorstep.

Pee Safe Founder Vikas Bagaria said basic precautions at an individual level can go a long way in ensuring that the Coronavirus spread is contained.

“We all must do our part by using hand and surface sanitisers and masks every day. This will ensure that not only do we stay safe but also not cause infection to others. We began spreading awareness on the importance of good sanitisation and and personal hygiene practices over 7 years ago and will continue to do so even after this pandemic,” said Pee Safe Founder Vikas Bagaria.

Pee Safe has experienced a surge in demand given the widespread panic.

Good immunity and a healthy body have a major role to play in warding off infections and leading yoga and wellness brand SARVA is ensuring it does its part.

SARVA Yoga Founder Sarvesh Shashi said coronavirus has assumed pandemic proportions. However, rather than panicking, the need of the hour is to ensure that we stay positive, calm, and take care of our health – both physical and mental.

“Yoga can help in this regard. Regular practice of certain asanas like the Ustrasana and various breathing practises like anulom Vilom Pranayam can be extremely beneficial. We urge those who are apprehensive of visiting the yoga studio to continue their practice with the help of our detailed digital videos and our live classes,” said SARVA Yoga Founder Sarvesh Shashi.

Startups like Portea Medical are offering at-home tests and medical services, especially for the elderly. Portea Medical MD and CEO Meena Ganesh said one of the most serious outcomes of the coronavirus outbreak is that there could be an increase in the number of hospital-acquired infections.

“This is more in the case of people with low immunity such as the elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions. This is where home healthcare can step in and such cases can be handled at home as well,” said Portea Medical MD and CEO Meena Ganesh.

Portea Medical is partnering with hospitals to provide home care for such patients who may not need admission.

The Covid-19 has also underscored the importance of hygiene and sanitation of our personal environment. Housejoy Founder and CEO Sanchit Gaurav said the longevity of viruses in the air is known to be ephemeral.

“However, infectious germs can settle surfaces such as door handles, light boards, doors, countertops, flush handles, and other hard surfaces that people come in frequent contact with and remain active for hours. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have launched our Virus Fumigation Service for offices and homes,” said Housejoy Founder and CEO Sanchit Gaurav.

 Housejoy Founder and CEO Sanchit Gaurav said the products the company uses have proven to be highly effective in curbing the spread of 65 strains of viruses, 400 strains of bacteria and 100 strains of fungi.

“We are currently providing free services to few old-age homes and hospitals and in the process of creating a brief guideline for anyone wanting to sanitise their homes,” said Housejoy Founder and CEO Sanchit Gaurav.

Meanwhile, online groceries are witnessing a significant growth in orders.  Bigbasket has witnessed a 2x growth in orders in the recent days and baskets have become larger by 15-20%.


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