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Discover, decide, design, deliver: McKinsey’s Advice To Take On Covid-19

Discover, decide, design, deliver: McKinsey's Advice To Take On Covid-19 1
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, companies need a crisis response coordinated by top management that gives experts and managers the autonomy to implement creative, pragmatic solutions.

All companies and startups need a flexible structure for guiding the work—called the integrated nerve center. The nerve center concentrates crucial leadership skills and organisational capabilities and gives leaders the best chance of getting ahead of events rather than reacting to them.

The integrated nerve center is not a formulaic panacea. It is, rather, an efficient means of coordinating an organization’s active response to a major crisis. It is endowed with enterprise-wide authority and enables leaders and experts to test approaches quickly, preserve and deepen the most effective solutions, and move on ahead of the changing environment.

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