60% Millennials Say Unread Emails Make Them Anxious: Hiver Survey

60% Millennials Say Unread Emails Make Them Anxious: Hiver Survey 1

Amritsar, NFAPost News Service: January 27, 2020: Hiver, a leading email collaboration solution for teams, conducted a survey with over 600 Millennials in India to understand their work email behavior patterns.

Millennials across the globe today are increasingly getting hooked on to the practice of keeping their inbox empty/near-empty at all times – popularly known as ‘Inbox Zero.’ Hiver, through the survey, set out to gauge the Millennials’ email checking habits. The survey reveals that more than 60% of Millennials in India feel anxious when they see unread emails in their inbox.

60% Millennials Say Unread Emails Make Them Anxious: Hiver Survey 2

The survey also revealed that as many as two in five Millennials get extremely uncomfortable if they haven’t been able to check their work email for three to four hours at a stretch.

When asked about the first app that they check on their phone upon waking up, 59% chose WhatsApp, 29% mentioned social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook, and only 9% said emails.

60% Millennials Say Unread Emails Make Them Anxious: Hiver Survey 3

The findings also reveal some interesting insights on how emails affect employee productivity. As many as 63% Millennials agreed that long emails hampered their workplace productivity, and that they preferred them to be shorter and ‘to the point’. Another 60% interestingly said that emails can be a good substitute for workplace meetings.

Commenting on the survey, Hiver Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Niraj Ranjan Rout said Hiver’s goal is to reduce the stress caused by cluttered or badly managed inboxes.

“We help teams collaborate better on group inboxes like [email protected], [email protected] by minimizing the usage of forwards and CCs – a huge contributor to inbox clutter,” said Niraj Ranjan Rout.

Hiver transforms Gmail into a collaboration platform. It helps teams manage shared email accounts by giving every incoming email an owner and a status. Built on top of Gmail, Hiver can be used by different teams to manage incoming emails.


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